Name Title Advisor
Andreas Gattringer Modelling of optical properties of internally-mixed dust particles Prof. B. Weinzierl
Judith Hahofer Indirect aviation aerosol effects Prof. B. Weinzierl
Sascia Kästenbauer Combined time evaluation of the particle size distribution of the Vienna Urban aerosol, measured with two parallel differential mobility particle sizers Prof. P. Winkler
Nina Maherndl Analysis of black carbon measurements during A-LIFE with focus on polluted mineral dust layers Prof. B. Weinzierl
Mario Pail Influence of Airflow on Particle Orientation and Related Effects on Optical Ice Crystal Measurements Prof. B. Weinzierl
Eva Sommer Aktuelle und historische Rußpartikelkonzentrationen im Wiener urbanen Aerosol Mag. A. Wonaschütz, PhD
Sebastian Sonnenberg CCN Aktivierung von Pollen-Subpartikeln Dr. Julia Burkart
Dorian Spät Characterisation of condensation particle counters for airborne measurements Prof. B. Weinzierl
Andrea Stöllner Generation of Nanoplastic Aerosols from Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Macroplastics Prof. P. Winkler
Carl Trondl Multiple Charge Inversion of Combined Long- and Nano-DMPS Data Prof. P. Winkler


Name Title Advisor Completed
Jürgen Gratzl Size distribution of pollen grains and subparticles released by pollen Dr. Julia Burkart 2020
Julian Resch Characterization of a bipolar electrospray source for the stable generation of monomolecular clusters Prof. P. Winkler 2020
Peter Wlasits Experimental verification of the effect of relative humidity on the detection efficiency of butanol-based CPCs Prof. P. Winkler 2019
Gerald Köberl Generation of aerosol nanoparticles of different composition in air and helium Prof. P. Winkler 2019
Manuel Schöberl Characterization of airborne aerosol inlets during A-LIFE Prof. B. Weinzierl 2019
Bernhard Baumgartner Charging, Detection and Sizing of Aerosol Nanoparticles in Diverse Laboratory Settings Prof. P. Winkler 2018
Kay Scholze Nanoparticle growth rate analysis from combined nanoSMPS-DMA train measurements Prof. P. Winkler 2018
Judith Kasper Wide-range aerosol particle size distribution in the Viennese urban background Mag. A. Wonaschütz, PhD 2018
Marilena Teri Airborne multi-wavelength scattering measurements in Saharan and Arabian dust layers Prof. B. Weinzierl 2017
Iris Brodacz Design and evaluation of a Corona discharge based aerosol neutralizer for an electrospray ion source Dr. G. Steiner 2017
Lorenz Witek Untersuchung der Größenabhängigkeit der hydrophilen Eigenschaften von definiert hergestellten Rußpartikeln Prof. R. Hitzenberger 2017
Manuel Orzan Evaluierung und Optimierung der Partikel-Zähleffizienz von Kondensationskernzählern im Partikelgrößenbereich <10nm Dr. G. Steiner 2016
Martin Vojta Optische Eigenschaften von Aircraft Combusting Russ Prof. R. Hitzenberger 2016
Andrea Ojdanic Charakterisierung von Kondensationspartikelzählern mit biogenen Sekundäraerosolen Prof. P. Winkler 2016