Austrian Airborne Aerosol Measurements at FIREX-AQ

The NASA-sponsored FIREX-AQ airborne field experiment investigates how wood burns affect air quality and climate change in the atmosphere by making measurements with the NASA DC-8 Airborne Science Laboratory as well as two NOAA Twin Otter research planes (NOAA-CHEM, NOAA-MET) that will fly to wood burning sites in North America.
Additional measurements are performed by two Mobile Laboratories (Aerodyne, NASA Langley) and serveral Ground Sites (Boise/ID, McCall/ID, Missoula/MT, Mount Bachelor/OR) near the burning sites and combined with data from the NASA ER-2 High Altitude Platform, NightFOX UAS and satellites.


Contact: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bernadett Weinzierl