Aerosol size distribution

InstrumentationManufacturerMeasured quantity/properties
Condensation Particle Counter (CPC)Grimm, TSI, AeromodusIntegral number concentration of particles larger than 10 µm and 10 nm
Differential Mobility Analyzer (DMA)Uni Vienna, Grimm, Lindner EMS, TapconAerosol size distribution and selection
Ultra High Sensitivity Aerosol Spectrometer (UHSAS-A)DMTAerosol size distribution between 0.06 µm and 1 µm
Grimm SkyOPC (1.109)GrimmAerosol size distribution between 0.25 µm and 2.5 µm (nominal size range)
TSI OPS 3330TSIAerosol size distribution between 0.3 µm and 10 µm (nominal size range)
PSM, TSI 3777 NanoenhancerAirmodus, TSIParticle size magnifier for particles > 1 nm
Size Analyzing Nuclei Counter (SANC)Uni ViennaHomogenous and heterogenous nucleation propabilities (expansion-type CPC)
Faraday Cup Electrometer TSI 3068BTSIParticle number concentration
APS TSI 3321TSIAerodynamic Particle Sizer: Sub 500 nm to 20 µm

Aerosol optical properties

InstrumentationManufacturermeasured quantity/properties
Single Particle Soot Photometer (SP2)DMTRefractory black carbon mass in range 5-104 fg (Dp ~ 80-480 nm), single-particle coating thickness, mixing state
3-λ-Tri-color Absorption Photometer (TAP)BrechtelAbsorption coefficient of total and sub-micron aerosol at three wavelengths (467 nm, 528 nm, 652 nm)
Ecotech Aurora 4000 Polar NephelometerEcotechParticle light scattering coefficient at three wavelength (450 nm, 525 nm, 635 nm). Light scattering hemispheric backscattering, and angular sectors 20°-170°, 50°-170°.
Nephelometer 3563TSI

Wavelength: 450 nm (blue), 550 nm (green) and 700 nm (red/infrared). Bandwidth: 40 nm (all wavelengths). Sensitivity at 30-sec averaging time (aerosol scattering coefficient, σ sp). Averaging time: 1 to 4096 sec (selectable).

CAPS PMSSAAerodyneParticle light scattering coefficient and particle light extinction at the red wavelength (630 nm).

Aerosol hygroscopicity and chemical composition

InstrumentationManufacturermeasured quantity/properties
Dual-column DMT Cloud Condensation Nuclei Counter (CCNC)DMTNumber concentration of cloud condensation nuclei at various supersaturations
LAAPTOFAeroMegt GmbHMass spectrometer for discrete and airborne aerosol particles from 400 nm to 5 µm, Simultaneous Detection of Positive and Negative Ions and measurement of the Mass to Charge ratio
API-TOFIoniconSimultaneous Detection of Positive and Negative Ions and measurement of the Mass to Charge ratio
Sunset analyzerSUNSET LABORATORY INC.Thermo-optical method to measure elemental and organic carbon concentrations on filter samples

Particle into liquid sampler - prepares Aerosol sample for Sievers TOC

Sievers - TOC 900GE Power and Water, Water and Process TechnologiesTotal Organic Carbon-Analyzer 0,03 ppb - 50 ppm TOC
Impactor devicesChemical particle composition, refractive index, shape

Advanced measurement techniques combining optical and fluorescence techniques

InstrumentationManufacturermeasured quantity/properties
SwisensPoleno JupiterSwisensHolographic images and fluorescence measurements of single aerosol particles from 1 - 300 µm (including light scattering and polarization)

Aircraft Wing-mounted aerosol and cloud probes

InstrumentationManufacturermeasured quantity/properties
Second generation Cloud, Aerosol & Precipitation Spectrometer (CAPS)DMTAerosol particle and cloud hydrometer size distributions (0.5 µm < Dp < 930 µm), particle shapes, liquid water content, aircraft velocity
Precipitation Imaging Probe (PIP)DMTAerosol particle and cloud hydrometer size distributions (100 µm < Dp < 6200 µm), particle shapes

Other sensors

InstrumentationManufacturermeasured quantity/properties
Environmental sensorsvarious manufacturers (Honeywell, Vaisala, JUMO, Fluke...)Temperature, pressure, humidity, wind velocity, CO, CO2
Ozone Monitor (model 49i)Thermo ScientificOzone concentration

Aerosol generation

InstrumentationManufacturermeasured quantity/properties
Various tube furnacesNabertherm, Carbolite, University of ViennaAerosol generation based on material evaporation (30°C - 1300°C)
WOx generatorGrimmGeneration of aerosols composed of nanoscopic tungsten oxide particles