Ongoing grants (coordinated by the Aerosol Group)

Project Goal Funding Source PI Period
A-LIFE Absorbing aerosol layers in a changing climate: aging, lifetime and dynamics ERC Starting Grant 2014 Bernadett Weinzierl   2015-2021
EC/OC Auftragsforschung: Analyse von EC und OC in Luftfiltern Umweltbundesamt Julia Burkart 2020-2021
Analyse von EC und OC in Luftfiltern Umweltbundesamt Julia Burkart 2021-2022

 Ongoing grants (partnership)

Project Goal Funding Source CoordinatorUNIVIE Contact
A-CARE Technical Assistance for EarthCARE related research activities in combination with the A-LIFE field experiment ESA DLRBernadett Weinzierl 2019-2021
ACACIA Advancing the science for aviation and climate EU (H2020 Mobility for Growth, LC-MG-1-6-2019) DLRBernadett Weinzierl 2020-2024
CLOUD-MOTION Joint nucleation experiments at the CLOUD aerosol chamber at CERN Marie-Curie Innovative Training Network Universität FrankfurtPaul Winkler 2017-2020
COLOSSAL Chemical On-Line cOmpoSition and Source Apportionment of fine aerosoL EU (COST Action CA16109) CSIC BarcelonaJulia Burkart, Bernadett Weinzierl 2017-2021
D-TECT Does dust triboelectrification affect our climate? ERC Consolidator Grant 2016 National Observatory of AthensJosef Gasteiger, Bernadett Weinzierl 2017-2022
InDust International network to encourage the use of monitoring and forecasting dust products EU (COST Action CA16202) Barcelona Supercomputing CenterBernadett Weinzierl 2017-2021
VINAR Vienna Network for Atmospheric Research UNIVIE & ZAMG UNIVIE & ZAMGAndreas Stohl, Bernadett Weinzierl 2021-2024

 Grants completed since 2013

# Project Funding Source CoordinatorUNIVIE Contact
1 Charakterisierung von Pollen und deren Subpartikel im Labor und in Wiener Außenluft Hochschuljubiläumsstiftung der Stadt Wien UNIVIEJulia Burkart 2019-2020
2 Development of an atmospheric-pressure plasma-source (Characterization of a Non-Thermal Plasma Source for the Use as a Mass Spec Calibration Tool and Non-Radioactive Aerosol Charger) Entwicklung einer Atmospärendruckplasmaquelle FFG UNIVIEPaul Winkler 2018-2019
3 Nanodynamite (Quantifying aerosol nanoparticle dynamics by high time resolution) ERC Consolidator Grant UNIVIEPaul Winkler 2014-2019
4 Ice nucleation of carbonaceous particles FWF Einzelprojekt TU WienRegina Hitzenberger 2014-2018
5 VERTIGO (Volcanic ash: Field experimental and numerical investigations of processes during its lifecycle) Marie-Curie Innovative Training Network LMU MünchenBernadett Weinzierl 2014-2017
6 TOTALDETECTION (Detection of the total ambient aerosol number concentration and chemical composition) ACTRIS TNA UNIVIEPaul Winkler 2014
7 VACES (Versatile aerosol concentration enrichment system) Other UNIVIERegina Hitzenberger 2013-2014
8 Black and elemental carbon ÖAD UNIVIERegina Hitzenberger 2012-2013
9 Characterization of inorganic and bioorganic aerosol nanoparticles FWF Einzelprojekt UNIVIEWladyslaw Szymanski 2010-2015
10 A multi-channel expansion type condensation particle counter FWF Einzelprojekt UNIVIEPaul Wagner 2009-2014

 FWF Erwin Schrödinger Fellowships

# Project CoordinatorUNIVIE Contact
1 Untersuchung von atmosphärisch gealtertem Meersalzaerosol UNIVIEBernadette Rosati2017-2020
2 Partikelbildung und -wachstum in der marinen Atmosphäre UNIVIEAgnieszka Straus (Kupc)2016-2019
3 Bestimmung der Aerosol-Zusammensetzung und Wachstumsraten UNIVIEDaniela Wimmer2016-2019
4 Analyse heterogener Nukleation an Cluster Ionen UNIVIEAnne Maisser2014-2016