Sun photometer measurements at Boltzmanngasse, Vienna – University of Vienna member of AERONET


Since summer 2016, a CIMEL sun photometer – provided by the Universidad de Valladolid (Spain) – is installed at the roof of Boltzmanngasse 5, Vienna, and performs measurements following the AERONET protocol.

AERONET is a worldwide network of Cimel sun photometers that provides data on the aerosol properties of the total atmospheric column. The photometer measures the intensity of the direct sun light at multiple wavelengths from 340 nm to 1640 nm, from which the spectral optical thickness of the aerosol over Vienna is derived. In addition, it detects the spectral intensity of the sky radiance from different directions, from which microphysical properties (size distribution, refractive index, shape) of aerosol particles in the total atmospheric column are inverted.

Our station „Vienna_UNIVIE“ is the second AERONET station in Austria (besides Kanzelhöhe) and closes a measurement gap in Central and Eastern Europe.

The data of the station „Vienna_UNIVIE“ are available at here.

Contact: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bernadett Weinzierl