Hans Thirring Award for Maximilian Dollner


Dr. Maximilian Dollner was awarded with the Hans Thirring Award 2021/2022 for his dissertation on the global distribution of coarse mode aerosol and clouds.

Maximilian Dollner completed his PhD thesis titled "Assessment of the global distribution of coarse-mode aerosol and clouds with large-scale in situ aircraft observations" with distinction in July 2022.

In his thesis, he combined laboratory experiments, airborne measurements, theoretical simulations and algorithm development. The core instrument of his PhD thesis was a commercial Cloud, Aerosol, and Precipitation Spectrometer (CAPS) which he optimized for airborne measurements.

The Faculty of Physics annually awards the Hans Thirring Award for an outstanding dissertation in the previous academic year. In December 2022, Maximilian Dollner won the esteemed award. The Aerosol and Environmental Physics Group sincerely congratulates him.

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