EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 27 April - 2 May 2014


Two members of the Aerosol Group, Dr. Anna Wonaschütz and Mag. Wolfgang Ludwig held poster presentations at the EGU (European Geoscience Union) General Assembly 2014

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EGU General Assembly 2014

For more information on the poster held by Dr. Anna Wonaschütz please follow the link:

Anna Wonaschütz, Julia Burkart, Robert Wagner, Georg Reischl, Gerhard Steiner, and Regina Hitzenberger: "New particle formation events as a source for cloud condensation nuclei in an urban environment"

For more information on the poster held by Mag. Wolfgang Ludwig please follow the link:

Wolfgang Ludwig, Siegfried Eggl, David Neubauer, Johannes Leitner, Maria Firneis, and Regina Hitzenberger: "Radiative Convective Transfer Calculations for Effective Stellar Fluxes of Habitable and Life Supporting Zones"