Helmuth Horvath: List of Publications in chronological order

Books and Contributions to Books

1.   H. Horvath (1977) Physikalische Rechenmethoden und ihre Anwendungen in Physik und Chemie. Bibliographisches Institut, BI Hochschultaschenbucher Band 78,  141 pp.

2.   H. Horvath (1988)  Biologische Physik, Ein Physikbuch fur Biologen. Hölder Pichler Tempski, Vienna,  first printing  1988, second printing 1990, third printing  1992

3.   H. Horvath (1991). Introduzione alla Fisica dei Biosistemi e dell’Ambiente a cura di Vittorio Prodi   Editrice CLUEB Bologna  translation of the above book in Italian

4.   H. Horvath (1992)  Physikalische Ubungsaufgaben fur Biologen und Mediziner  Bibliographisches Institut, BI Hochschultaschenbucher Band 651, 183pp.

5.   H. Horvath (1993) Effects (of atmospheric Acidity) on visibility, weather  and climate. Chapter II.5 of “Atmospheric Acidity, Sources, Consequences and Abatement”.  M. Radujevinc and R.M. Harrison, Eds., Elsevier, pp. 435 - 466

6.   H. Horvath (1998) Influence of atmospheric aerosols  upon  the global radiation balance. Chapter 13 of “Environmental particles” R.M. Harrison and R.E. van Grieken, eds. pp 543-596, John Wiley & Sons, London,  revised second edition 1999

7.   H. Horvath (1998) Particles, Part III (Basic atmospheric phenomena), chapter 9 of Urban Pollution—European  aspects. J. Fenger, O. Hertel, F. Palmgren eds., 161-174, Kluver, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

8.   H. Horvath (1998) Reduction of Visibility, Part VI (Impacts of urban pollution), chapter 21 of Urban Pollution—European aspects. J. Fenger, O. Hertel, F. Palmgren eds. 373-384, Kluver, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

9. H. Horvath (2011) Othmar Preining: An Austrian Pioneer of Modern Aerosol Research  (1927 – 2007) Part I. Biographies of Aerosol Science and Technology: History and Reviews.  D.S. Ensor ed.  3-32, RTI Pess, Research Triangle Park, N.C., USA. doi: 10.3768/rtipress.2011.,bk.0003.1109

10. H. Horvath and O Preining (2011)  The clean Air Commission of the Austrian Academy of Sciences: A Historical Sketch. Part II. Research Institutions.123 – 142.  D.S. Ensor ed.  3-32, RTI Pess, Research Triangle Park, N.C., USA. doi: 10.3768/rtipress.2011.,bk.0003.1109

PhD. Thesis

H. Horvath (1966) Untersuchungen an naturlichen und anthropogenen  Aerosolen Dissertation, Univ. Wien, 1966

Publications in Peer-reviewed Journals

1.   H. Horvath (1967) The Refractive Index of Freon 12 Applied Optics, Vol. 6, p. 1140, 1967

2.   R. Charlson, H. Horvath, R.F. Pueschel (1967) The direct measurement of atmospheric light scattering  coefficient for studies of visibility and pollution Atm. Environment 1, pp. 469-478, 1967

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5.   H. Horvath, K.E. Noll (1968) The relationship between atmospheric light scattering  and visibility. Annual meeting of the pacific northwest international section of the APCA proceedings 14 pp, 1968.    11.  H. Horvath (1969) A Simple Modification of the La mer Generator Letter to  the Editor Journ. of Colloid and Interf. Science 29, 733-735, 1969

6.   H. Horvath, R.J. Charlson (1969) The direct optical Measurement of Atmospheric Air Pollution Am. Ind. Hyg. Ass. Journ. 30, 500-509, 1969

7.   H. Horvath (1969) Eine einfache Methode zur Messung des Stufenentstaubungsgrades von Staubabscheidern. Staub-Reinh. Luft 29, 465-467, 1969

7a. H. Horvath (1969) A simple Method for Measuring the Efficiency of Dust Collectors for Each Separation Stage. English translation of the above paper.

8.   H. Horvath (1969) Sichtweite und Streulicht als Maß für die Luftverunreinigung. Staub Reinhaltung der Luft 29, 503-508, 1969

8a. H. Horvath (1969) Visibility and Light Scatter as a Measure for Air Pollution - engl. Uebersetzung des ob. Artikels.

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11. H. Horvath (1971) On the Applicability of the Koschmieder Visibility  Formula.  Atm. Environment 5, 177-184, 1971

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13. H. Horvath (1973) Discussion of the Brown Colour of Atmospheric Haze Atm. Environment 6, 143-148, 1973 Comment by A.P. Waggoner, R.J. Charlson und N.C. Ahlquist to the above paper and answer by H. Horvath.

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