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Aerosol Technology 2015 (AT 2015)

Paulus Bauer, Helmuth Horvath and Gerhard Steiner gave oral presentations at the Aerosol Technology 2015 (AT 2015) conference in Tampere, Finland, 14 - 17 June 2015

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Links to the abstracts:

P. S. Bauer, H. Amenitsch, H. Peterlik, P. M. Winkler
Short wavelength optical characterization of aerosol nanoparticles in a flow tube
H. Horvath
A polar nephelometer for laboratory and atmospheric aerosols

G. Steiner, A. Franchin, J. Kangasluoma, M. Rissanen, T. Petäjä, M. Kulmala
Generation of neutral calibration clusters

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